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Curvic Coupling

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CURVIC COUPLING Is Product Description

Curvic Coupling Use for Turret of CNC Lathe
Machining Center, Robot, Gas Turbine, Airplane, etc

| Feature

Accurate and precise centering

The curvature of the teeth give these couplings their very own and unique self-centering feature. One member is ground with the outside edge of the cup type grinding wheel to form a concave-shaped tooth. The mating member is ground with the inside edge thus producing a convex-shaped tooth. Both halves of the couping are ground to ensure that they mesh at the center ot the teeth. The coupling has the advantages of accurate alignment and precision centering when-ever they are in mesh.

High indexing accuracy of ±2 sec of arc.

This very high accuracy is achived by the prease self centering centering feature of the wide spread tooth contecting uniformly over all the teeth.

High wear resistance

High grade case hardened steels are used to manufacture the couplings. The teeth are first cut, hardened to HRC 60 and then accuretely ground. This gives a high level of durability to the precision tooth profile which means that the coupling retains its high accuracy characteristic over a long period of use.

| Teeth Viewed at the Outside Diameter

| Shape of Tooth


| Product a classified list

Assortment Type Outside, Number of Tooth
, a Use

- Outside: ø30~ø40 - Tooth : 20~24
MINI size Type CURVIC COUPLING Stability, Accuracy importance Stavility 70% morethan,
Smaill precision instrument is applied in field TURRET CHANGER, WORK is used by excahange purpose.
- Type NO : Number of Tooth-Outside Dia - Inside Dia

S - Outside: ø100~ø600 - Tooth : 20~720
General Type CURVIC COUPLING. Machining Center of Index Table Stability Accuracy importance NC LATHE Turret, Pallet Changer a use. Small precision instrument is applied in field TURRET CHANGER
- Type NO : Number of Tooth-Outside Dia - Inside Dia
S - Outside: ø700~ø1000 - Tooth : 72~720
Large size Type CURVIC COUPLING. Large size Machining Center or Machine On division position decision use. Have a many of set exchanges and is not many in case use on side
- Type NO : Number of Tooth-Outside Dia - Inside Dia
W - Outside: ø160~ø280 - Tooth : 24~60
Another Form Type CURVIC COUPLING. Inside Dia can enlarge and CLAMP CYLINDER diame-ter enlarge can. A Large size TURRET a use.
- Type NO : Number of Tooth-Outside Dia - Inside Dia-max Outside Dia
S - Outside: ø100~ø600 - Tooth : 20~720
Input angle 15 That have being special teeth CURVIC COUPLING 30 more Occasion Iimiting in Clamp
power or use to detailed clutch that deliver rotatonal motion
- Type NO : Number of Tooth-Outside Dia - Inside Dia
T - Outside: ø110~ø820 - Tooth : 24~720
3PIECE CURVIC COUPLING. When rotate is used in case roate WORK of heavy without rising.SET ex
change is principle and compatibility is less than 2PCC
- Type NO : Number of Tooth-Outside Dia - Inside Dia

High precision measurement
Long term quality assurance is provided by a secure quality control of entire products

| Quality control procedures

ITEM Accuracy Super Accuracy NOTE
At the
number of teeth
More than 80% More than 90% Tooth mating state is brougnt into contact with the standard master curvic coupling. The standard teeth contact length should be above 50% of teeth length.
Throughout the whole teeth, two adjacent teeth should not be disconnected. More than 80% if teeth surface should contact evenly.
At the face width
More than 50% More than 50%
Run out on top face 0.02 0.01 The run out is checked by light mating with master curvic coupling
Run out at
outside diameter
0.02 0.01
Indexing Accuracy 5" 3" 4-Division accumulate maximum error
±0.10 ±0.05 The combined thickness of mated convex and concave teeth is marked as in the standard dimension table.

| High precision measurement

| Comparison chart between angle accuracy a linear tolerance

Curvic Coupling

Because it can receive enough hardness and big clamp force at Machining Center of Index Table. High Torque Is suitable by power transmission purpose Curvic Coupling's Allowable load differs according to size. Allowable Cutting Load, Allowable Torque, and Force Clamp is calculated and decided according to it's usage


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